Superintendent's Blog - COVID-19 Update September 2, 2020

Stylized image of Superintendent Cox

September 2, 2020

As we move through Day 4 of our reopening, I wanted to update everyone on a few topics. First, I am so proud of the way that our staff and parents are working together to get our kids settled into a pattern of learning. Routine is so important for our children, and we are figuring out what is working well, and as importantly, what is not. Continue to communicate and be patient; we are all in this together.

Unlike most of Will County, Beecher continues to have a low COVID infectivity rate with only two new cases reported to the WCHD in the last two weeks. Let’s hope this trend continues, as we continue to wear our masks, practice good hygiene and socially distance when possible.

A part of our building cleaning program was based on our cleaning product having a residual killing effect for viruses. As it turns out, this was not accurate, as no such product exists. To that end, we are in the process of implementing mid-morning sanitizing procedures in each building. We will also keep in place our two-phase sanitizing process at the end of the day.

Please continue to contact your teachers and building principals with additional thoughts, questions and concerns.

Be safe. Be well.