Superintendent's Blog - COVID Numbers

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November 6, 2020

If you looked at the numbers on our COVID dashboard today, you saw that Beecher 200U had a difficult week. We had a total of seven positive cases in the entire first quarter, but we had seven students/staff from our on-campus group test positive this week alone! This makes sense, as Will County’s positivity rate is 14% and the national numbers are at all-time highs.

The question that is always in the background is: do we need to move the schools to all remote?

As in all things, we continue to take direction from the Will County Health Department. Their guidance is “look at your own numbers.” In other words, is the virus spreading at school. All of our data indicates that there is little to no spread occurring on campus. As long as this continues to be the case, we will continue to offer an in-person option.

By default, our data indicates that spread is happening off campus, so please continue to enforce mask wearing and hand washing when you and your children are around non-family members.

We appreciate your continued partnership in this unique environment.

Be safe. Be well.