Superintendent's Blog - COVID Clarity

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November 2, 2020

As we move through the pandemic with roughly 70% of our students on campus, there are inevitably students and staff who test positive for the virus. Once we are notified of a positive case, we contact trace those individuals who have come in close contact and issue the appropriate quarantines. Sometimes a dozen or more quarantines come from a single positive case, leading to the natural speculation: how many positive cases are actually at the school?

To add some transparency to this process, we have a counter on the district homepage – showing how many current positives that we have amongst the roughly 900 students and staff that are on our campus daily. It also shows how many positive cases that we have had since August in that pool of on-campus students and staff.

Hopefully, this information will reinforce that the number of positive cases is a small fraction of those contact-traced into quarantine. It also reinforces that our positive cases are not a significant source of virus spread.

This information will be updated every Friday.

As always, we appreciate your continued trust and communication.

Be safe. Be well.